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When you shop for Herbalife meal replacement - Formula1 - you will find that Herbalife has three types of meal replacement: Formula1, Formula1 Instant and Formula1 Alternative

1- Formula1 Nutritional Shake is meal replacement used for weight-loss.

Per serving it delivers 9 grams of whey protein, 13 grams carbohydrate and 9 grams of sugar. 
Formula1 available in eight flavors and last for 30 servings.

Formula1 available without gluten, Orange cream and vanilla flavor are certified gluten free

2- Formula1 Instant available in two flavors only, vanilla and chocolate. The only difference between Formula1 and Formula1 instant is that per serving you will get more soy protein (20 g), more carbohydrates (23 g) and less sugar, only 3 grams.

Some customers reported that Formula1 instant tastes better than Formula1.

3- Formula1 Alternative contains protein from rice, sesame and pea (not soy) it's suitable for people allergic to soy protein.

Formula1 and Formula1 instant contains soy protein, if you are allergic to soy you should take Formula1 Alternative.

As for Formula1 instant and Formula1 the difference is just in the amount of protein per serving, you can take Formula1 instant or Formula1 with Personalized protein to increase the amount in protein you are taking per serving.

All Herbalife Formula1 nutritional shake are used for weight loss, simply replace two or three daily meal with Formula1 and you will be able to lose up to 1 kilogram per week.