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If you are interested in slimming down and achieve your weight-loss goal you need to read this article

1- Create calories deficit by taking meal replacement.
To lose weight you need to eat less and that is calorie deficit. It is possible to lose 500g of fat per week which is equal to cutting 500 calories per day. In order to lose weight you need to burn more calories than what you take every day.

If burning calories daily is not possible then switch to eating less to create calorie deficit, your body will burn body fat to provide you with energy and as days goes on your body will lose fat which will lead to weight loss.

Herbalife Formula1 nutritional shake or any meal replacement that is low in sugar and high in protein will be perfect to help you achieve daily calories reduction.
2- Consume enough protein.
Protein is important for weight loss, you need 1.5-2.5g of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. If your daily diet does not provide you with needed protein then you need to supplement. Most meal replacements contain protein ( 9g or more per serving ) or you can choose high protein meal replacement , another option you have is taking protein supplement.

While you are eating less your body will source energy from body fat or from muscle protein and taking protein supplement will help keep your muscle in good shape.

3- Cut on sugar
If you need something to make you fail in achieving your weight loss goal, it's sugar. You might not add sugar to your drink however most of the processed food contains sugar. Avoiding all kind of sweets, fizzy drinks and fruit juice will reduce your daily sugar intake.

4- Drink enough water
Our liver needs water to get rid of body fat, water also needed for our body to function properly. Taking enough water daily will help with weight loss.

5- Limit your carbohydrates intake. 
Taking too much carbohydrate will take your weight up, you need to either limit your carbohydrates intake or swap to low Glycemic (GI) food. 

Low GI food will take longer to be digested and this will help us keep full longer and don’t feel hungry. High GI food digested fast and this cause sharp rise in blood glucose, this is supported by 30 years of research by University of sydney. To find out more about GI food visit

Another important factor in taking carbohydrate is the timing, as we know carbohydrate gives our body energy to function and taking carbohydrates while you are not active will cause your weight to increase faster.

6- Fat don’t make you fat
Not all fats are bad, in fact some fat can help you lose fat such as EPA, DHA (omega-3 fats) and CLA. Processed food contains the bad fat which you need to avoid which cause obesity and heart problems.

Our body needs fat to function and help absorb vitamins and vitamins need to lose weight. Saturated fat is the fat you need to avoid which part of every processed food.